YQL-150/5 Lead Extruder
Jan 14, 2021
This extruder machine is used for cable coating lead sheath or rubber tube coating lead vulcanization. The outer diameter of the extruded lead layer is Φ~Φ110mm, which is completed by two sets of mold bases; one set of mold bases has an outer diameter of Φ10~Φ80mm, and the other set of Φ40~Φ110mm, the user can perform according to the requirements Purchase.

The lead extruder conveys the lead material in a screw rotation mode to achieve continuous extrusion, so that the thickness of the lead layer can be uniform in the longitudinal direction of the lead pipe. And because the temperature of each part can be strictly controlled, the extrusion pressure and temperature can be kept constant, so as to ensure that the error value of the lead layer thickness can be controlled within the minimum range. In this way, compared with intermittent lead presses, lead consumption can be reduced by about 10%.

Since the melting furnace, the purification and holding furnace and the lead liquid transportation all adopt a sealed system, the diffusion of lead vapor is greatly reduced, and environmental pollution is basically eliminated.

This unit is easy to operate and does not require high technical requirements. The entire equipment can be equipped with two operators.

This unit also has the advantages of light weight, small floor space, and low operating strength.

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